Apr 23

Ferrari 458 ADV05 M.V2 SL

Check out this amazing looking Ferrari 458 on ADV1 ADV05 M,V2 SL.  Yea kind of a crazy name but whatever they look friggin amazing!  Take a look for your self and tell me I am wrong.

Apr 22

17 Matt Colored Exotic Super Cars

Matt colored cars are in!  17 examples of why no shine is dope!

Apr 22

2015 Ford Mustang 50th Anniversary

I am Proud to show you some really amazing pictures of the  2015 Ford Mustang.  For the first time ever I am impressed by a ford product.  I mean seriously this car looks amazing!  The last few years of Mustang looked good but this car has been refined into something really special. The Interior doesn’t …

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Apr 21


X Boutine La apparently makes bikinis. VERY nice bikinis… More importantly they have AMAZING models! Don’t believe me? Take a look at Amanda Mae… STATUS never lies!  Just a heads up we have a ton of pics like this! the future of Model Monday is EPIC people.  If you like what you see then subscribe …

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Apr 20

Three Hilarious Ways to Pick up Hot Girls!

I just discovered this YouTube channel called whatever.  They do some pretty amazing pranks and we filtered out what we think are some really hilarious ones! perfect for your Saturday! Now you can go test them out! Getting Girls’ Phone Numbers Without Talking Picking Up Girls Speaking French 2 Girls Asking For 3somes    

Apr 19

Aston Martin DBC Concept

strictly a concept to my knowledge. Lets hope this Aston Martin DBC Concept comes to life one day.  It will be a true head turner and proof that car manufacturers still can make a beautiful car.

Apr 18

Epic Desktop Wallpaper

Been a bit since we did a Lounge post.  So here is a 100% epic Desktop wallpaper for you. It is a HUGE file so it should fit most all screens and monitors.  Kind of a good vs evil theme i guess but it reminded me of mortal combat for some reason!  haha enjoy!!  

Apr 17

DeTomaso 505 F1 Cosworth

This Detomaso 505 F1 Cosworth is a pretty bad ass car.  I included some fun facts below and of course some pics of it in action.  Gotta love the old school F1 cars! 430 bhp / 321 KW @ 10000 rpm 144 bhp / liter Ford Cosworth DFV 90º V8 weight 1298.5 lbs

Apr 16

Wojtek Pruchnicki self shot Babes

Model Monday returns with Wojtek Pruchnicki!  Fun fact I have NO CLUE how to pronounce that name. However his photography is amazing!  This collection of photos is called Self Shot.  Kind of a artistic look at the selfie. All I know is we dig it! keep it up Wojtek Pruchnicki.

Apr 14

Lamborghini Veneno Overview

The racing prototype for the road The Lamborghini Veneno is consistently focused on optimum aerodynamics and cornering stability, giving the Veneno the real dynamic experience of a racing prototype, yet it is fully homologated for the road. The systematic, carbon-fiber, lightweight design is not only visible, it is also evident on the scales: With a …

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Mar 28


I was a pretty big fan of DEUS EX – Human Revolution the game. It had really great cut scenes too!  So if you played the game you will love this. If you have not played the game you will still enjoy the sexy girls and the totally awesome special effects and shoot out scene. …

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Nov 13

2014 LaFerrari

I am a MASSIVE fan of the McLaren P1.  The 2014 LaFerrari is still a amazing looking car though.  We covered the LaFerrari in great depth already. LINK TO IN DEPTH LOOK AT LAFERRARI But here are some new pictures in a more natural setting of a dealer vs computer generated stuff.  The White LaFerrari has …

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Nov 13


I took a long break from STATUS-CARS but I am back!!!  I have to give you guys, yes you the one reading this HUGE props!  the site didn’t loose a single viewer during the months I was gone.  Meaning you guys returned to check out old posts and we had a ton of new gear …

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