Formula One cars shooting and spraying sparks!!! Epic pics and VIDEO

I was reading recently that old F1 Cars shoot and spray sparks often!  It was because the suspension was set up for a certain kind of money spot of weight and gas so it would handle best.  But when the car had a full tank of gas it weighed to much and would scrape and rub the race track! But it would lose weight as gas was used an be fine. so the cars had magnesium strips under them to protect the frame. the sparks come from the magnesium scraping the track.  This just adds to why old school F1 is so damn cool. The first two pics are just EPIC F1 backfires!!!

Ferrari f1 car shoots flamessenna f1 lotus rainsenna f1 car shoots firef1 cars sparksf1 car sparkssenna sparksferrari f1 car shooting fireFerrari f1 car shoots sparksferrari f1 car sparksf1 sparks


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