Miss Reef Wallpaper

It’s kind of like a secret colt, like in that seinfeld episode when  george says he found the forbidden city.  Well the Reef girls are kind of like that.  Allot of people in the America dont even know about the reef girls.  basically the company REEF is a big time surf suppler. so naturally they hold a bikini contest every so often to find “Miss REEF”  then they release a calendar with all the winning girls. so scroll down and check out some of the wallpaper from various Miss reef girls.

I should have been a surfer…..miss reef girlsmiss reef girls junemiss reef girl wallpapermiss reef wallpaper picmiss reef girl April miss reef girl 2012miss reef wallpapermiss reef beach bikini wallpaper miss reef surf board wallpapermiss reef wallpaper girlmiss reef wallpaper girlsmiss reef jan wallpapermiss reef wallpapermiss reef wallpaper girl miss reef wallpaper girls miss reef girl wallpapermiss reef girl wallpapermiss reef holland finalist wallpapermiss reef chilemiss reef wallpaper girlsmiss reef wallpaper

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