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Apr 20

Three Hilarious Ways to Pick up Hot Girls!

I just discovered this YouTube channel called whatever.  They do some pretty amazing pranks and we filtered out what we think are some really hilarious ones! perfect for your Saturday! Now you can go test them out! Getting Girls’ Phone Numbers Without Talking Picking Up Girls Speaking French 2 Girls Asking For 3somes    

Apr 16

Wojtek Pruchnicki self shot Babes

Model Monday returns with Wojtek Pruchnicki!  Fun fact I have NO CLUE how to pronounce that name. However his photography is amazing!  This collection of photos is called Self Shot.  Kind of a artistic look at the selfie. All I know is we dig it! keep it up Wojtek Pruchnicki.

Jun 17

Jennifer Vaughn At The Beach

Jennifer Vaughn

We promised Jennifer Vaughn  would be back on Model Monday and we keep our word!  Here is another great set of photos with Vaughn rocking a Blue Bikini at the beach!

Jun 07

Jayden Marie 25 smokin hot pictures

Jayden Marie

Its been a busy week and i flat out didn’t have time to get this weeks Model Monday up!  Check out some sexy pictures of Jayden Marie and if all goes as planned another Model Monday on time in three days.

May 27

Taylor Sienturier is smokin hot!

Taylor Sienturier

Taylor Sienturier is pretty hot in this weeks Model Monday!  Normally not into the tattoo thing but I don’t Know. something different about this girl taylor.  check her out for your self. wallpapers as usual!  AWESOME STATUS…

May 23

Sexy Girls Go For Ride In 1,000+ HP Cars (videos)

Sexy Jenni in a 1250whp Underground Racing Lamborghini

Underground racing has made some freakishly fast cars over the years and always bring out great videos to show them off.  So they took Jenni and Kayla for a drive and the reactions are priceless!  The third video is not a UGR car but still is a very fast lambo.  Jenni is in a UGR Lamborghini making …

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May 06

Jennifer Vaughn Sexy Pictures (22 pictures)

Jennifer Vaughn will appear again on status so consider this just the beginning.  Check out the 22 super sexy pics of her and the wide ones are wallpaper! enjoy and remember this babes name because Jennifer Vaughn is smoking hot!

Apr 29

Lexi Sims Model Monday (22 pics)

We came across Lexi Sims the other day and knew she was a perfect babe for Model Monday!  She is a full on knock out so make sure your sitting down for this one.  If you pass out and whack your face on something like your desk or monitor we are not responsible. Check out Lexi Sims …

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Apr 22

Ashley Sky 38 pics 4 videos

Ashley Sky is kinda a big deal now.  Yet some don’t know her name still!  I know its hard to believe but Model Monday is going to show the world why this Ashley Sky girl is one of the hottest models around right now!  38 sexy pics and 4 videos should do the trick i think. EPIC… …

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Mar 27

Sexy Babe Post Two By MAVRIN

I discovered Mavrin on Tumblr awhile back and was amazed by his work. His photos are some of the most beautiful babes I have seen on the internet!  Check the babes out in this post to see what i am taking about.  We already did one post from Mavrin and you can find it HERE!  Make sure …

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Feb 10

Beautiful Fitness Models In Tight Shorts And Yoga Pants

Model Monday is back with pictures of Fitness Models in yoga pants and tight shorts!  Everyone loves a hot Babe who is super fit wearing yoga pants or tight shorts maybe even a bikini.  Check out the pics they are mostly if not all undiscovered!

Jan 07

First MODEL MONDAY of 2013! MAVRIN Edition

sexy girl-babe MAVRIN studios

starting the new year right!  with 28 photos by MAVRIN!  I came across MAVRIN on Tumblr and was blown away by his work.  The pics are of some of the hottest, sexiest girls you will see on the interwebs and the photography makes it even better. MAVRIN knows his way around a photo shoot that’s for sure.  The Babes don’t come in …

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Apr 26

MODEL MONDAY EPIC Brian Storey Post!!!

MODEL MONDAY presents Mr Brian Storey!!! In order  Heidi Lynn, Heather M, Becky G, Liz Mcdonald, Daniella D, Julie S, Vanessa D, Nina Z, Nicole Hampton, Ashley Munns, Lexi Black, HD WALLPAPER!!!!!!!!! His Website   www.pleaseflash.me His flickr FACEBOOK page! You just experienced STATUS!  if your light headed you better sit down.  Brian Storey just happen.

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