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What Is Waymo

What Is Waymo

What is Waymo?

Waymo is a self-driving technology company that is a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc., the parent company of Google. Its mission is to develop and deploy fully autonomous vehicles that can safely transport people and goods from one place to another.

The History of Waymo:

Waymo was originally a part of Google’s self-driving car project, which was started in 2009. The project was launched with the aim of exploring the potential of self-driving technology and developing a prototype of a self-driving car.

In 2016, Waymo was established as a separate company dedicated solely to self-driving technology. Since then, it has been working on developing and testing self-driving cars on public roads in various cities across the United States.

How Waymo Works:

Waymo’s self-driving technology is based on a combination of sensors, software and machine learning algorithms. The sensors on the self-driving car include LIDAR, radar, cameras and GPS, which work together to gather information about the car’s environment.

The software uses this information to create a 3D map of the car’s surroundings and to make real-time decisions about how to navigate the roads. Machine learning algorithms help the software to improve over time by learning from past experiences and adapting to new situations.

The Future of Waymo:

Waymo has been testing its self-driving cars on public roads since 2015 and has accumulated millions of miles of data. In December 2018, it launched a commercial self-driving taxi service called Waymo One in the Phoenix metropolitan area.

The company has also partnered with various automakers, such as Fiat Chrysler and Jaguar Land Rover, to integrate its self-driving technology into their vehicles.

In the future, Waymo aims to expand its self-driving taxi service to other cities and regions. It also plans to use its self-driving technology for other applications, such as delivery services and trucking.