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Why Are Bmw 4 Series So Cheap

Why Are Bmw 4 Series So Cheap

Why Are BMW 4 Series So Cheap? The Surprising Truth Behind Their Affordability

Have you ever wondered why BMW 4 series are priced so low despite being a luxury car? If you’re in the market to buy a new car, you may have noticed that BMW 4 series cars are in the lower price range than most other luxury cars. Although it may seem counterintuitive that a luxury car can be so affordable, there are actually several reasons why this is the case.

1. Saturation in the Luxury Car Market: Luxury cars are becoming more accessible to the general public and are no longer limited to a niche market. More and more car manufacturers are offering cars in the luxury category, increasing the competition. As such, luxury car manufacturers like BMW have been forced to adjust their selling prices to remain competitive.

2. Perception of Design: Whereas BMW 4 series used to be a prestigious car, the new design of the series has been met with disdain from consumers. Many have criticised the design, as it lacks the sporty feel of other BMW models. However, BMW has pushed back, saying that the design of the 4 series speaks to the company’s future-proof approach to luxury cars. This has left many people confused and unwilling to purchase the 4 series.

3. Maintenance Costs: People who are looking to buy a luxury car are often wary of the ongoing maintenance costs that come with ownership. BMW 4 series are no exception, and maintenance costs can be costly. Many people, therefore, consider the overall cost of ownership when purchasing a luxury car in the first place. As the BMW 4 series ranks poorly in this category, it’s likely that people are choosing to buy other cars instead, sending the price of the 4 series down.

4. Supply & Demand: Another common factor that affects the price of a car is supply and demand. In the case of BMW 4 series, there are plenty of cars in stock but few buyers. When there’s good stock availability, BMW dealerships often try to clear some of their inventory to make space for newer models. Hence, they may offer the cars at lower prices, which is reflected in the low price of the BMW 4 series.


When it comes to BMW 4 series, there are several reasons why they are priced so low. The increased competition in the luxury car market, unappealing designs, high maintenance costs, and low demand have all contributed to the decrease in price. However, this no longer implies that the BMW 4 series is a low-quality car. If you’re looking for a luxury car with excellent features and handling, then the BMW 4 series is still worth considering. The lower price point may be an excellent opportunity to invest in a luxury car that fits your budget, but be sure to conduct thorough research to ensure it meets your needs.