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Why Are Mitsubishi 380 So Cheap

Why Are Mitsubishi 380 So Cheap

Mitsubishi 380, a car that made a buzz in the Australian market, now values at incredibly low prices. These cars were known for their spacious interiors, impressive performance, excellent ride, and handling quality. However, the car failed to gain traction in the market and was ultimately discontinued. Today, the Mitsubishi 380 is considered one of the cheapest and most affordable cars in the market. This blog post aims to explain why Mitsubishi 380 is so cheap and whether it’s a worthy investment.

1. Low demand in the market:

One of the biggest reasons for the Mitsubishi 380’s low price is low demand. The car did not gain much popularity in the market, and hence, the demand for it remained low. This caused a drop in its prices and made it one of the most affordable cars in the Australian market.

2. Availability of better options:

Another factor contributing to the low price of Mitsubishi 380 is the availability of better options in the market. Other car manufacturers introduced newer and better models with improved features and technology. This also affected the demand for Mitsubishi 380.

3. Poor sales performance:

Mitsubishi 380’s poor performance in the market also affects its pricing. The car failed to achieve the sales target set by the manufacturer, and as a result, a large number of unsold units were left in warehouses. In turn, these cars were then sold at a discounted price, which ultimately led to lower pricing.

4. Limited resale value:

The Mitsubishi 380’s resale value is a result of its poor sales performance and low demand. This, too, has ultimately contributed to its low price in the market. The car’s limited resale value makes it an even cheaper option for those who consider buying used cars.

5. Technical problems:

Mitsubishi 380 has been known to have technical problems, particularly related to its transmission and engine. These technical issues have resulted in a lack of trust among potential buyers, which further impacted its pricing competitiveness in the market.


In conclusion, the Mitsubishi 380’s low price is attributed to its poor sales performance, limited market demand, poor resale value, availability of better options in the market, and technical problems. All of these factors have ultimately contributed to the car’s low price, making it one of the most affordable options available in the Australian market. However, before investing in a Mitsubishi 380, it is important to consider the car’s technical problems and lack of after-sale support compared to other brands in the market.