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Why Are Mitsubishi So Cheap

Why Are Mitsubishi So Cheap

Why are Mitsubishi So Cheap?

Mitsubishi cars are known for being budget-friendly. They offer a wide range of affordable options for car lovers who do not want to spend a fortune on a vehicle. The question that comes to mind is why are they so cheap? Let’s find out!

1. Manufacturing

Mitsubishi is known for its efficient manufacturing processes. The company implements cost-saving measures, such as mass production and economies of scale, which helps keep the prices low. They remain committed to providing affordable products that are accessible to everyone, making it a popular choice among price-savvy customers.

2. Brand Image

Mitsubishi has been involved in various scandals in the past, which has tarnished its brand image. The brand’s reputation is not as high as some of the other car manufacturers, which affects the resale value of the vehicles. The depreciating value keeps the prices low, which makes it a great option for people who want to own a car without breaking the bank.

3. Limited Innovation

Innovation plays a crucial role in the automobile industry. The lack of innovation in Mitsubishi’s cars has affected its market share. The limited range of features in their cars keeps the prices low and affordable for the masses.

4. Target Audience

Mitsubishi’s target audience is price-sensitive consumers who prioritize affordability over features. The combination of a lower price tag and a decent quality product attracts a significant number of buyers. Selling cars for an affordable price keeps Mitsubishi in competition with other major car manufacturers.


Mitsubishi vehicles have proven to be an excellent budget-friendly option. Their manufacturing practices, brand image, limited innovation, and target audience have all played a crucial role in keeping their prices low. If you are looking for a car that is affordable, reliable, and gets the job done, Mitsubishi is the perfect option for you.