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Why Are S2000 So Expensive

Why Are S2000 So Expensive

Why are S2000 So Expensive?

The Honda S2000 is a sports car that was produced by Honda from 1999 to 2009. It is an iconic car that is known for its high performance and sleek design. However, many people wonder why it is so expensive. In this blog post, we will explore the reasons why S2000s are so pricey.

1. Limited Production

One of the main reasons why the S2000 is so expensive is because it had a limited production run. Honda only produced the car for ten years, and they only made a certain number of them each year. This means that there are fewer S2000s available for purchase, which drives up the price.

2. High Demand

Another reason why the S2000 is expensive is because it is in high demand. The car has a cult following, and many people are willing to pay top dollar to own one. The S2000 is a well-respected sports car that has won numerous awards, which has contributed to its popularity and high demand.

3. Unique Features

The S2000 has many unique features that make it a desirable car. For example, it has a high-revving engine that is capable of producing 240 horsepower. It also has a rear-wheel drive, which makes it fun to drive. Additionally, the car has a lightweight design and a convertible top, which adds to its appeal.

4. Rarity

As previously mentioned, the S2000 had a limited production run. However, not all S2000s are created equal. Some models are rarer than others, and these rare models are even more expensive. For example, the S2000 CR (Club Racer) was a special edition model that was only produced in 2008 and 2009. There were only 699 of these cars made, which makes them extremely rare and valuable.

5. Age

The S2000 has been out of production for over a decade now. As with most cars, the value of the S2000 has gone up over time. However, the S2000 has seen a more significant increase in value because of its limited production and high demand. As time goes on, it will likely become even more expensive to own an S2000.


There you have it – the reasons why S2000s are so expensive. Limited production, high demand, unique features, rarity, and age all contribute to the high price tag of this iconic car. While it may be expensive, many people agree that it is worth the cost to own a piece of automotive history.