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Why Do People Tap Tesla Charger

Why Do People Tap Tesla Charger

Tesla Chargers are becoming a common sight on our roads and highways. With the push for more electric vehicles, these charging stations are cropping up everywhere. But have you ever wondered why people tap Tesla Chargers before plugging in their vehicles? In this blog post, we will explore the reasons behind this seemingly odd behavior.

Firstly, tapping the Tesla Charger is a form of etiquette. When people tap the charger, they are checking to see if the charger is available or in use. This saves time and avoids interrupting someone who may be in the middle of charging their vehicle. It’s a common courtesy that has developed among electric car owners and helps keep charging experiences pleasant.

Secondly, tapping the Tesla Charger also ensures that the user is grounded and discharge any electrical charge before touching the charger. This is important, as electric vehicles run on high voltage and could potentially have a dangerous charge if not discharged properly.

Thirdly, tapping the Tesla Charger acts as a way to test the sensor on the charger. The sensor detects when a vehicle is near and makes the charging port automatically open. By tapping the charger, it ensures that the sensor is working, and the charging port will open when the vehicle is in range.

Finally, tapping the Tesla Charger could also be seen as a way to show off. Tesla owners are known for their love of technology and gadgets and tapping the charger is just another way to show off their electric vehicle.


In conclusion, there are many reasons why people tap Tesla Chargers before plugging in their vehicles. It’s a show of etiquette, a safety precaution, a way to test the sensor, and even a way to show off. No matter the reason, tapping the charger has become a norm among electric car owners, and it’s here to stay. So, the next time you see someone tap a Tesla Charger, don’t be surprised, it’s just another quirk of EV ownership.