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Why Do Tesla Drivers Tap The Charger

Why Do Tesla Drivers Tap The Charger

Why Do Tesla Drivers Tap the Charger? The Surprising Reason Behind this Common EV Charging Practice

Tesla is rapidly gaining popularity as it transforms the automobile industry- with its innovative electric cars and network of superchargers. Despite its futuristic designs, there is a strange but common behavior amongst Tesla drivers, which often catches the attention of other motorists. As Tesla drivers pull into a supercharger, they sometimes tap the charging cable before plugging in. This peculiar habit appears unnecessary to some, yet it holds some value. In this blog post, we discuss the reasons why Tesla drivers tap their chargers and various implications this behavior has.

Why do Tesla drivers tap the charger?
Interestingly, Tesla car owners tap their charging cables for various reasons. The most common rationale behind tapping the charger is to verify the charging port’s location. Tesla Model S and Model X have their charging ports located on the driver’s side while Model 3 and Y have them on the rear passenger side. Since Tesla cars usually have identical appearances, tapping the charger enables the driver to locate the charging port quickly. This process is further simplified by Tesla’s push-to-open charging port door that pops open when the charger is tapped.

Another reason for tapping the charger could be to release any static electricity accumulated during driving. When a Tesla vehicle is in motion, it may generate static electricity, which could cause a small electrical discharge when the driver plugs in the charger. Tapping the charger creates a ground connection, which releases the static electricity before the cable is inserted into the charging port, thereby preventing electrical discharge.

One more reason why Tesla drivers tap the charger is to inform other drivers that the charging station is occupied and charging. Since electric vehicles are relatively quiet, it can be hard for other drivers to know if a vehicle is parked, charging, or even if the driver is inside. This simple gesture of tapping the charger is a way of signaling that the charging station is in use and not available for others to use.

Implications of tapping the charger

Tapping the charger could have some implications on electric vehicle (EV) owners’ charging experiences. In Tesla charging stations, there are multiple charging bays, and sometimes, confusion can arise when selecting the right bay for charging. A Tesla driver who didn’t tap the charger to release static electricity, check the charging port’s location or signal that the charging station is in use could plug into the wrong bay and unknowingly stop another EV owner from charging.

Moreover, tapping the charger could lead to the wear and tear of the charging equipment. Repeated tapping could crack connectors and loosen cables, which could lead to their failure. It’s, therefore, essential to be gentle with the equipment while tapping the charger.

In conclusion, tapping the charger could appear to be a strange action for some, but for Tesla drivers, it’s an essential part of their charging process. It enables drivers to locate the charging port, release any static built up during driving and signal to other drivers that a charging station is in use. However, it’s crucial to handle the equipment gently to prevent any damage. Ultimately, Tesla remains a game-changer, and as more drivers switch to EVs, tapping the charger could even gain further popularity at charging stations.