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Why Don T Electric Cars Have Gears

Why Don T Electric Cars Have Gears

Electric cars are the vehicles of the future. They have been gaining popularity over the last few years because of their environmental friendliness. With the rise in popularity of electric cars, some people wonder why they don’t have gears. After all, gears are an essential part of any combustion engine car. In this blog post, we explore the reasons why electric cars don’t have gears.

1. Simplicity of electric cars:

The primary reason why electric cars don’t have gears is because they are designed to be much simpler than their traditional counterparts. Unlike combustion engine cars, electric cars have just one moving part, the electric motor. The absence of gears, camshafts, and other complicated mechanical components makes electric cars more reliable and less prone to taking on maintenance costs.

2. The high torque of electric motors:

Electric cars are propelled by electric motors, which have high torque at low speeds. This means that electric cars can accelerate just as quickly as traditional cars without the need for gears. The instant torque that electric motors produce ensures that electric cars can get going very quickly, making them ideal for city driving.

3. Efficiency of electric cars:

Electric cars are designed to be extremely efficient. The absence of gears means that the car’s battery can be optimized to deliver power to the electric motor in a linear fashion. The linear power delivery ensures that electric cars are more energy-efficient compared to their combustion engine counterparts. Additionally, the smooth acceleration and consequent energy efficiency motivate people who are concerned about the environment to purchase electric cars.

4. Cost savings:

Electric cars are much cheaper to maintain than combustion engine cars, primarily because they don’t have gears. A gearbox that is present in a combustion engine car has thousands of small moving parts, all of which need to operate in perfect sync to function properly. In case of a glitch, this can result in expensive repairs. In comparison, electric cars don’t have any moving parts apart from the motor and the transformation from electric motor to the wheels. This low-maintenance approach is a differentiating factor for electric cars and another reason in favor of investing in and driving an electric car.


In conclusion, electric cars don’t have gears because the electric motor is far more efficient, simpler, and hence requires minor maintenance. An electric car has a linear power delivery and instant torque, thus ensuring a smooth ride for the driver. Moreover, the cost savings of owning an electric car compared to a combustion engine car makes it a worthy investment. The rise of electric cars is testament to the unique advantages they have over traditional combustion engine cars, and more people are expected to turn to electric vehicles in the future.