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Why Ford Ecosport Discontinued

Why Ford Ecosport Discontinued

Why Ford Ecosport Discontinued?


Ford Ecosport was a popular compact SUV from Ford that was first launched in 2003 and it was well received in the Indian market due to its rugged looks and impressive performance. However, Ford decided to discontinue the production of Ecosport in India. Many Ford fans have been asking why Ford Ecosport discontinued. Here is the answer to that question.

Reasons for Ford Ecosport Discontinuation

There are many reasons why Ford decided to discontinue Ecosport in India. One of the primary reasons is the increase in competition in the compact SUV segment. The launch of vehicles like Hyundai Creta and Kia Seltos has created tough competition for Ford Ecosport. These vehicles have gained a reputation as offering more features and better performance than Ecosport.

The second reason is the change in the market trend towards electric vehicles. Ford is planning to launch the all-new electric SUV in the Indian market and the company is investing in developing affordable electric vehicles. The discontinuation of Ecosport is part of Ford’s strategy to focus on the development of EVs in India.

Another reason why Ford Ecosport discontinued is because of poor sales. Sales figures for Ecosport have been declining over the years, and it has become financially difficult for Ford to justify the production of the vehicle. Ford had to discontinue Ecosport to cut its losses and focus on more profitable models.


In conclusion, the discontinuation of Ford Ecosport in India is a result of various factors, including tough competition, change in the market trend towards electric vehicles, and poor sales. While it may be sad for the Ford fans who love Ecosport, the decision was a necessary step for the company to focus on more profitable and sustainable models.