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Why Is Ford Maverick So Cheap

Why Is Ford Maverick So Cheap

Why is Ford Maverick So Cheap? An In-Depth Analysis”

Ford Maverick has been in the market since 1970, and it was a huge success in its early days. However, the Ford Motor Company discontinued its production in 1977, mainly due to the oil crisis and changing consumer preferences. Recently, Ford launched the all-new Maverick as a compact pickup truck, and it has caught everyone’s attention, especially because of its affordable price tag. In this blog post, we will analyze why Ford Maverick is so cheap.

1. Benefits of a Front-Wheel Drive:

One of the main reasons why Ford Maverick is cheap is that it is front-wheel drive. Front-wheel-drive vehicles are relatively cheaper than rear-wheel-drive vehicles because they are easier and cheaper to manufacture. Since the engine and transmission are placed in front of the cab, it eliminates the need for a driveshaft, reducing the overall manufacturing costs.

2. Compact Pickup Truck Segment:

The compact pickup truck segment is relatively new, and there are only a handful of options available in the market. Therefore, manufacturers are rushing to fill the void, and Ford is no exception. Since the Maverick is competing in the lower end of the market, they need to keep the price tag low to attract new customers. As a result, they had to cut some corners, such as using materials that are cheaper than the ones used in a regular pickup truck.

3. Manufacturing Location:

Ford is manufacturing the Maverick in Mexico to keep the manufacturing costs low. Labor and production costs in Mexico are significantly lower than in the United States. As a result, the base price of the Maverick is cheaper than other pickup trucks manufactured in the US.

4. Lack of Certain Features:

Lastly, Ford Maverick is relatively cheaper because it lacks certain features that are common in a regular pickup truck. For instance, it does not have a V6 engine option, and it only comes in a hybrid or a turbocharged engine. Moreover, it does not have a four-wheel-drive option, and it has a smaller bed compared to other trucks. However, these features are not crucial for everyone, and some buyers might prefer a smaller, more affordable pickup truck.


Ford Maverick is an excellent option for those who are on a budget, and they want a small pickup truck. Ford has compromised on certain features to keep the price tag low, and it has paid off. The Maverick has received a warm welcome in the market, and it is expected to be a top-selling pickup truck in the coming years. We hope that this blog post has helped you understand why Ford Maverick is so cheap.