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Why Mazda 6 Is Discontinued

Why Mazda 6 Is Discontinued

Why Mazda 6 is Discontinued

For years, the Mazda 6 was a popular mid-sized sedan option for car buyers. It offered a sleek design, impressive features, and a smooth ride. Many were surprised when Mazda announced that it was discontinuing the model.

The Shift Towards SUVs

One of the main reasons for the discontinuation of the Mazda 6 is the growing trend of SUVs in the auto market. In recent years, many car buyers have shifted away from sedans and towards larger vehicles that offer more space and versatility. This trend has been fueled by increasing gas prices and a desire for more spacious and practical vehicles.

Low Sales Numbers

Another reason for the discontinuation of the Mazda 6 is its low sales numbers. Despite its many positive features, the car simply didn’t sell as well as other options in its market segment. This is likely due to a combination of factors, including its relatively high price point and a lack of advertising and marketing efforts.

The Mazda 3 as a Replacement

While the Mazda 6 may be discontinued, Mazda has not left its mid-size sedan customers without any options. The Mazda 3 has been positioned as a direct replacement for the Mazda 6, offering many of the same features and benefits in a slightly smaller package. With its sleek design, impressive performance, and affordable price point, the Mazda 3 has quickly become a popular option for car buyers seeking a mid-sized sedan.


While the discontinuation of the Mazda 6 may have disappointed some fans of the model, it is clear that Mazda had good reasons for making this decision. The shift towards SUVs and low sales numbers likely played a major role in the decision. However, with the Mazda 3 offering many of the same benefits and features as the Mazda 6, mid-sized sedan customers still have a great option to consider.