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Why Mitsubishi Lancer Discontinued

Why Mitsubishi Lancer Discontinued

Why Mitsubishi Lancer was Discontinued?

Many car lovers felt a deep disappointment when Mitsubishi Lancer was discontinued since the first Lancer was launched in 1973 and had been around for almost half a century. However, in 2018 the Mitsubishi Lancer was discontinued, and there are several reasons behind this decision.

Shift in market demands:

It is crucial to remember that the car industry is incredibly competitive, and automakers have to evolve and adapt to changes in market demands. one of the primary reasons for the discontinuation of Mitsubishi Lancer was because the marketplace of vehicles transitioned towards SUVs, off-road, and other crossover vehicles.

The lack of demand for sedans and sports cars ultimately affected sales in the Lancer. Since Mitsubishi Lancer did not have a massive fan following, it did not seem reasonable for Mitsubishi to keep investing in it since it was no longer as profitable as before.

High production costs:

Mitsubishi Lancer was a profitable car for its time, however, with changing market trends, high production costs, and increasing laws and regulations, Lancer sourced parts became more expensive.

Mitsubishi felt that it was not practical to continue investing in the Lancer when they were not making much profit from its sales. The money invested in production costs could be redirected to other vehicles that would be more profitable for the brand

Going electric:

Mitsubishi introduced its new focus, electric vehicles, the brand’s flagship, the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, which accounted for a significant portion of their revenue. With the increase in the demand for electric cars, Mitsubishi decided to take its investment in the EV route.

Thus it decided to end the manufacturing of old models and decided to move towards battery-powered electric vehicles like the Outlander PHEV.


Mitsubishi ended the Lancer production to focus on achieving a more green-conscious operation, with electric vehicles. Although the Lancer has come to an end, the Outlander PHEV, a more efficient, green, and environmentally conscious vehicle, is a sign of Mitsubishi’s progression towards the future.