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Why Rear Wheel Drive

Why Rear Wheel Drive

Why Rear Wheel Drive? Explained in Detail


Rear wheel drive is a term used to describe a vehicle with its engine power exclusively sent to the rear wheels. This drivetrain setup has been used for many years in various performance and luxury cars. Although front-wheel drive cars are the norm for everyday driving, here are some reasons why rear-wheel drive remains popular in certain types of vehicles.

Traction and Handling

One of the main advantages of rear-wheel drive is improved traction. With the weight of the engine over the rear wheels, the vehicle has better traction when accelerating, especially from a standstill. This is because the forward weight shift improves the grip of the rear wheels. It also results in better handling when making tight turns.

Power Distribution

Rear-wheel drive vehicles have power distributed more evenly between the front and rear wheels. This translates to better weight distribution, allowing for better acceleration and handling. In addition, rear-wheel drive cars use a driveshaft to transmit power, making them ideal for those who enjoy driving as the increased feedback from the vehicle enhances the driving experience.

Better Balance and Stability

Because of the weight distribution of rear-wheel drive, the vehicle has a better balance and stability. This is because the engine’s weight is closer to the vehicle’s centerline, making it easier to control in various driving conditions, including wet roads, snow, and ice. Rear-wheel drive cars are ideal for those living in areas with poor weather conditions.


While front-wheel drive is popular for everyday driving, rear-wheel drive cars offer a better driving experience. The improved traction and handling, better weight distribution, and better balance and stability make it a great option for those who enjoy driving a bit more aggressively. In summary, rear-wheel drive is a superior drivetrain setup for performance and luxury cars, making it a popular choice for car enthusiasts.