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Why Sedan Is Better Than Suv

Why Sedan Is Better Than Suv

Why Sedan is Better than SUV

When it comes to choosing a car, there are many factors to consider such as price, size, style, fuel economy, and more. However, one aspect that often gets overlooked is the body type, specifically the sedan versus SUV.

Sedans are More Fuel Efficient

If you’re aiming for a car that offers better fuel economy, then a sedan is the way to go. Sedans are generally lighter in weight, smaller in size, and come with smaller engines which consume less fuel. Hence, you save a lot of money on gas in the long run.

Sedans are Cheaper

Sedans are usually sold at lower prices when compared to SUVs. The average cost of a sedan is comparatively lower than that of an SUV. Sedans are relatively less complex and require fewer materials to be built; that’s why auto manufacturers produce them faster and at lower costs.

Sedans Offer Better Handling and Control

Sedans have a lower center of gravity which makes them more stable as compared to SUVs. They offer more precise and responsive handling as well, which is vital for navigating narrow roads and parking spaces. They are easier to control when driving at high speeds or in rainy and windy weather conditions. Simply put, driving a sedan is more manageable than driving an SUV.

Sedans are Easier to Park and Maneuver

If you live in a crowded city or frequently find yourself driving around tight spaces, a sedan is a better choice than an SUV. Sedans have smaller sizes, which make it easier to park them in tight spots. Maneuvering into tight spots and performing other driving activities are easier than an SUV which is challenging to get into small parking spots.

Sedans Look Sleeker

When it comes to style, sedans are sleeker and look more polished than SUVs. They are shaped like a missile that cuts through the air with stunning efficiency, while SUVs look blockier and tend to be more top-heavy. In general, sedans offer smoother lines and a more premium look.


Overall, when it comes to choosing between a sedan and an SUV, a sedan makes more sense. The benefits of better fuel economy, lower cost, better handling and control, easier parking and maneuvering, and sleeker design make it a better choice.