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Why Was The Bmw I8 Discontinued

Why Was The Bmw I8 Discontinued

Why was the BMW i8 Discontinued?

The BMW i8 was a popular sports car that had a unique combination of advanced technology and luxury design. However, the BMW i8 was recently discontinued, and many fans are left wondering why. Here are some possible reasons:

1. Shifting Priorities

BMW may have decided to focus on other projects, such as electric SUVs or hydrogen-powered cars. The i8 was a small part of the company’s overall portfolio, and discontinuing it could free up resources for other more pressing priorities.

2. Low Sales

Despite its flashy design and innovative technology, the BMW i8 didn’t sell as well as the company had hoped. Sales were never very high, and the cost of producing the car may have outweighed the profits. Ultimately, BMW may have decided that it wasn’t worth it to continue manufacturing the i8.

3. Technological Limitations

The BMW i8 was a very advanced car, but it may have had some limitations. For example, the battery technology may not have been advanced enough to provide the range and performance that consumers expected. Similarly, the hybrid engine may not have been as efficient as other technologies that are now available.

4. Brand Refresh

BMW may be looking to refresh its brand image and focus on more sustainable and environmentally friendly products. Discontinuing the i8 could be a part of this broader effort to be seen as a leader in the industry.

In conclusion, there are many possible reasons why BMW decided to discontinue the i8. Whether it was because of shifting priorities, low sales, technological limitations, or a desire to refresh the brand, it’s clear that the i8 was no longer a priority for the company. Although the i8 was a unique and innovative car, the decision to discontinue it may have been based on practical and strategic considerations.