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What Is A Station Wagon

What Is A Station Wagon

What is a Station Wagon?

A station wagon, also known as an estate car, is a type of car body style which features a longer roofline and a rear cargo area which is integrated into the passenger cabin. Station wagons are typically known for their versatility and practicality, with a focus on spaciousness and cargo capacity.

History of Station Wagons

The station wagon is a body style which has been around since the early 1900s. Originally, these types of vehicles were designed to transport people and their luggage to train stations and other destinations. They were typically based on commercial vehicles which had been adapted to carry passengers.

In the post-World War II era, station wagons became increasingly popular as family cars in the United States. These vehicles were frequently used to transport families on long road trips, as they provided ample space for passengers and luggage.

Features of a Station Wagon

The most distinctive feature of a station wagon is its extended roofline, which provides additional headroom and cargo space. The rear cargo area of a station wagon is typically accessible via a large rear hatch or tailgate, and can be configured in a variety of ways to suit different needs.

Most station wagons feature a similar layout to a sedan, with two or three rows of seats, but with more space and legroom. Some models may also have additional storage compartments or features such as roof racks, which can be used to transport bikes, kayaks, or other large items.

Benefits of Owning a Station Wagon

One of the main benefits of owning a station wagon is the increased versatility and cargo capacity compared to a regular sedan. Station wagons are ideal for families or anyone who needs to transport large items on a regular basis.

Station wagons are also generally more fuel-efficient than SUVs or minivans, making them a good choice for people who prioritize fuel economy.


Overall, station wagons are a practical and versatile type of car which have been around for over a century. They are designed to provide ample space for passengers and cargo, making them an ideal choice for families or anyone who needs to transport large items frequently. Whether you’re planning a family road trip or just need a reliable vehicle for everyday use, a station wagon may be the perfect choice for you.