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Why Did Bmw Stop Making I8

Why Did Bmw Stop Making I8

Why Did BMW Stop Making i8?

BMW’s i8 car was an instant hit when it was launched back in 2014. With its sleek futuristic design, hybrid powertrain, and innovative technology, the i8 was a game-changer in the automotive industry. However, it was announced in April 2020 that BMW would be discontinuing the i8. So, why did BMW stop making the i8? Let’s explore some possible reasons:

1. Low Sales Figures

Despite the i8’s positive reception, sales figures were never very high. BMW only sold around 20,000 i8 cars globally during its six-year production run. This is significantly lower than BMW’s other models, such as the 3 Series and the 5 Series, which sell in the hundreds of thousands annually.

2. Transition to Fully Electric

In recent years, the automotive industry has shifted towards electric cars. BMW has been heavily investing in its electric vehicle lineup, with models like the i3 and the upcoming iX3. It’s possible that BMW felt it was time to shift away from hybrid models and focus entirely on electric vehicles.

3. Fading Interest in Sports Cars

The i8 was marketed as a sports car with its high-performance hybrid powertrain. However, in recent years, there has been a decrease in interest in sports cars. With the rise of SUVs and crossovers, BMW may have felt that its resources were better spent elsewhere.

4. Focus on New Projects

BMW has several new projects in the works, such as its partnership with Toyota to develop a new sports car platform and the upcoming iNEXT electric SUV. It’s possible that BMW simply wanted to free up resources to focus on these new projects.


While the i8 was certainly an impressive car, it’s clear that BMW had its reasons for discontinuing it. Whether it was due to low sales figures, a shift towards fully electric vehicles, a decrease in interest in sports cars, or a focus on new projects, BMW felt it was time to move on from the i8. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for BMW’s electric vehicle lineup.